May 13, 2021

APPEAL Consortium for High Performance Polymers

Join Dr. Tim Bremner, our Materials Technology Director, with an opportunity to participate in the expansion of the APPEAL Research Consortium housed in the Polymer Technology Center at Texas A&M University. From the inception of this industrially focused Consortium in 2010, numerous projects centering on pre-competitive fundamental and applied research on high-performance thermoplastics have been executed by faculty and graduate students, leading to a deeper understanding of the “Why?” of how these high-value materials deliver value in end-user applications. Under the broad and multi-faceted theme of “Lifetime”, the Consortium is seeking new members with real problems in their application spaces that can only be solved with higher-level research.

Social Media High Performance Polymers Consortia Workshop 04-20-21

The goal of the event is to discuss APPEALS’ goals to expand its research focus to applications outside of the energy sector. Your participation in this meeting is a critical step in validating and repositioning the existing consortium research themes to better align with increasing demands for reliability, prediction of service lifetime, and improved material selection when using high-performance polymer-based materials. The event is FREE to attend. No membership required. Follow the link below to set up a user ID and register for the event. We are excited to have Dr. Bremner share his technical expertise in the field of polymer-based materials. CDI and our team are committed to collaboration to further the science and engineering of high-performance polymer materials in demanding applications.

Here’s an Agenda Highlight:

  • Our Motivation: Unmet Needs of Converters and End-Users of High-Performance Polymers
  • The Polymer Technology Center at Texas A&M University
  • National Corrosion & Materials Reliability Lab at Texas A&M University
  • A Brief History of the APPEAL Consortium
  • Research Themes in Reliability and Lifetime
  • Long Term Objectives and Benefits of the Consortium

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