April 25, 2023

Compressortech2 Hydrogen Summit

The demand for clean energy solutions has never been higher, with stakeholders at every level seeking answers. The US government has significantly boosted hydrogen production with extensive tax credits, leading to billions of dollars invested in hydrogen-related projects across the country.

Hydrogen is viewed by many as a solution to decarbonize the gas industry through blending and is also being embraced by industries such as power generation and transportation.

Blending and compressing hydrogen safely and effectively poses significant challenges for equipment manufacturers, midstream operators, producers, and packagers.

The Compressortech2 Hydrogen Summit brings together leaders to network and exchange knowledge, including successes and challenges related to hydrogen blending, equipment, and compression. The aim is to promote collaboration and advancement in the industry.


Topics to be discussed:

  • Challenges associated with high pressure, non-lubricated, hydrogen reciprocating compression
  • Perspectives on hydrogen blending
  • Methods and the future of hydrogen compression
  • Valve performance: A key element for reliability and efficiency of reciprocating compressors

Join CDI in Houston, TX on April 25, 2023 for a unique one-day event with keynote, round table and multiple seminars from leaders in hydrogen.