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As a trusted industry leader, CDI develops and manufactures custom products for critical applications across industries.

Material Science

Enjoy tailored sourcing and innovative formula development for your specific applications.

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Engineering and Design

Use advanced modeling and laboratory testing for optimal performance in extreme environments.

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Leverage more than 30 processes and cutting-edge technologies for greater efficiency, insight, and quality.

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Work with a dedicated account manager for clear communication about timelines and deliverables.

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High-Performance Polymer Products for High-Stress Environments

We partner with leading OEMs across industries to create specific products and components for your unique needs.

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Market Spotlight

Oil and Gas Industry (Upstream)

The oil and gas industry is pushing the limits of conventional operations to source and access hydrocarbons. CDI’s advanced material science delivers innovative products to meet challenges throughout the production process.

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Quickly and easily design your own pump bearing to meet your specific hardware and application requirements.

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Explore our featured content to learn more about polymers, emerging technologies, and industry trends.

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Aerospace Digital Catalogue

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Smart Manufacturing Allows OEMs to Realize Improved Quality and Efficiency

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Innovative Sealing Solutions for Today’s Oil and Gas Industry

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Tip Sheet

5 Benefits of Vertical Integration in Manufacturing

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