Our dures® brand of proprietary thermoplastic polymer composite materials has proven successful in improved pump reliability, increased efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, increased mean time between failures, and reduced equipment downtime.

dures® materials were developed specifically for use as bushings, bearings, shaft sleeves, and wear rings in pumps handling a wide range of liquids including those that contain solid particulate often abrasive matter. The unique properties of dures® materials enable component designs with tighter clearances – improving reliability, enhancing efficiency, and savings in life cycle costs. Additionally, the proprietary formulation of our dures® products substantially reduces contact damage and surface galling during touch-off events in the pump system.

With thousands of successful applications, major OEMs are experiencing long-term benefits from the dures® advantage: 

  • Outstanding performance
  • Durable wear characteristics
  • Excellent abrasive resistance
  • Dry run capability
  • Superior vibration dampening with negligible hydrolysis or part deformation
  • Excellent dimensional stability

dures for pumps

CDI-supplied pump components can improve reliability, efficiency, and pump performance.  Contact us to learn more about:

  • dures® 150
  • dures® 200*
  • dures® 250
  • dures® A451*
  • dures® XPC-2*

* Multiple material formulations within the dures® family are approved for API 610 centrifugal pumps.

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Superior Material Design for Your Critical Applications

Explore the full dures® product line’s composite pump solutions for high performance, durability, and cost savings compared to steel components.

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