Low-friction surface with structural support and strength

Fibrex® bearings utilize an innovative blend of PTFE and glass fibers bonded to metal sheeting to combine the strength and dimensional stability of a metallic body with the low friction and tribological properties of a reinforced PTFE matrix.

In addition to these design characteristics, Fibrex bearings minimize brinelling (the permanent indentation of a hard surface), fretting, and other forms of wear along the contact area. With their inherent damping properties, Fibrex bearings are suitable with a wide range of mating materials and can sustain extremely high loads well beyond the range of PTFE alone or any other solid lubricating bearing. Both radial bearing and thrust washer design options are available.

The Fibrex® Bearing Advantage

Fibrex® Bearings are a unique thin-wall bearing design that offers a great advantage when housing space is limited. They have the strength and stability of a stainless-steel body with the low coefficient of friction (.05-.1) and tribological properties of a reinforced PTFE matrix, thus making lubrication and maintenance of the bearing unnecessary. With a maximum bearing load of 50,000 psi and the ability to withstand temperatures up to 350°F, our Fibrex® bearing is dimensionally stable, self-lubricating, non-conductive, and non-magnetic.

Consider Fibrex® when:

  • Corrosive substances are present
  • Contamination from lubricants is not tolerated
  • Replacement is critical and costly
  • High impact loads are encountered
  • Bearings will be subjected to very high loads at low speed
  • Lubricant films cannot be maintained in the bearing area
  • Custom sizes are needed
  • .027” – .090” Thickness
  • 8” max diameter
  • 8” max length

Download Fibrex Bearings Brochure