Tuff conditions demand tuff solutions

In challenging environments where corrosive and abrasive fluids are ever-present, you need the best quality and performance from your well service packing products. Tuff Breed® well service packing is backed by over 35 years of engineering and successful application in the field. Whatever abrasive, high-pressure, high-volume operation you have planned for your wellbore, we have you covered.

Tuff Breed® well service packing products are available in a variety of materials to meet your specific requirements from abrasion resistance and long life to chemical resistance against various corrosive oilfield fluids.

Full-spectrum of products for pressure pumping applications

With increasingly demanding conditions encountered when extracting hydrocarbons from shale and other formations, our products evolved to meet the increased pressures and proppant loads common today. Aramid-based pressure rings such as our WSP Advantage and WSP Extreme Gold lead the market in performance and also focus on decreasing the wear on metal components, thereby lowering total costs of operating the pump. When pressure rings are combined with our innovative SandDog® header ring which has proven to be superior in proppant exclusion, field data show a 20% to 30% increase in packing life while reducing wear and scarring of the plunger.

We also offer frac valves - a high-pressure isolation valve fitted to the top of the wellhead which can be closed to isolate the treating equipment from the wellbore. Like our Tuff Breed® well service packing, our frac valves are designed for high-performance environments and developed to increase productivity and to minimize maintenance, downtime, and operating costs.

Expertise & Reliability - Engineered Solutions

Our Application Engineers and oilfield experts bring the most advanced materials, sealing and anti-extrusion technologies, and diverse manufacturing process knowledge to you - in the office and in the field. We understand your objectives and can help you quickly implement the best solutions. Our objective is zero product-related downtime in the most extreme pressure-pumping applications worldwide.

Training - Sustained Support

We offer on-site, hands-on training for our Tuff Breed® products, and can conduct the training at your facility or ours. Throughout the United States, our team of installation specialists is available to educate your field personnel on the proper installation and replacement of Tuff Breed® well service packing.

With the direct supervision and guidance of our staff, we offer a training program that provides personnel the techniques to extend the life of your well service packing and provide you the best cost-performance value.