Critical service seals and sealing solutions

The OptiSeal® System
Learn why the OptiSeal® system is a high-performance, low-friction, and full-spectrum sealing solution.
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Sealing elements are one of the most susceptible components to fail in the extreme conditions encountered in the upstream oil and gas industry. Whether onshore or subsea, our design experts and materials specialists are capable of providing the optimal sealing solution for your toughest challenges. When sourcing polymeric products, machined exotic metal alloys or kitting and assembly, service companies need seals and sealing solutions designed to withstand the toughest challenges. The ability to maintain lubrication, exclude contaminants, or separate media are a few critical sealing functions that can result in catastrophic failure if sealing components are improperly designed for conditions, such as:

  • HPHT
  • Differential pressures
  • Sour service (H2S)
  • Corrosive environments

Have A Design in Mind Or Need Help Designing The Ideal Sealing Solution?

Our knowledge of sealing goes beyond just the design. By understanding your design parameters, the product application, and the environment it goes into, we engineer a sealing system that specifically meets your requirements. Our experts stay on the cutting edge of material development to ensure the best match for your application.

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