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In-House Polymer Product Design and Testing

Outsourcing with multiple vendors for product research, design, or testing of your high-performance polymer project invites errors, cost overruns, and missed deadlines.

Backed by extensive research, testing, and manufacturing capabilities, our design and development team engages with you at the concept stage to fully understand the scope of your application and objectives. 

From there, you can leverage a broad portfolio of material options, including our own customized formulations and blends. An in-house product testing laboratory then validates, analyzes, and ensures your highest expectations for quality, compliance, and timeliness are met.

Plastics and Rubber Component Testing Capabilities

Our early-stage testing capabilities ensure that any issues are addressed early in the process, eliminating surprises or costly changes. A state-of-the-art on-site laboratory allows our partners to rest easy, knowing we test to meet the highest standards for quality and compliance. Robust rubber and plastic components testing capabilities allow us to analyze: 

  • Tensile, Compression, Flexural, and Sheer Mechanical Properties 
  • Tribological Properties 
  • Product Feasibility and Failure Analysis 
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Chemical Capability and Conductivity
  • Material Traceability (FTR-IR)
  • Thermal Analysis (DSC, TGA, DMA, and TMA)

It’s all part of a full-circle equation. When you integrate material selection with engineering, design, testing, and manufacturing, it adds up to one valuable solution.

In-House Design Expertise

If you need an elastomer or thermoplastic component for a specialized, can’t-fail application, lean on our product designers and applications engineers to understand your challenges, explore the options, and develop the best solution. 

Our design expertise, combined with flow analysis and FEA structural analysis, is the winning recipe for creating solutions that yield true value.

Our engineers work hand-in-hand with you to design performance polymer products that meet application specs and environmental conditions — delivered on time and on budget.

Uncompromising Commitment to Quality and Safety

An uncompromising commitment to safety and quality is the bedrock of our company and integrated into every project we undertake. As a certified manufacturer, our customers trust that our operations adhere to the highest industry standards. 

Safety and quality are constantly evolving. As we expand our product offerings and grow into new industries, we will be seeking new certifications to reflect our laser focus on continuous improvement. To view our certifications, visit the HSSE & Quality section on our website.