Transforming metals into engineered sealing solution

In addition to working with a range of high-performance plastics, elastomers, thermoplastics, and composite materials to develop seals and sealing solutions for performance-critical applications, CDI Products is also a supplier of precision-machined ancillary metal components. From seal carriers to sliding sleeves, and metal-to-rubber bonded seals, we have a team of skilled machinists that are able to transform raw metal materials into precision components for a range of applications and equipment.

We have extensive experience in transforming and manufacturing metal materials into a range of products, including:

  • Sliding Valve Sleeves
  • Pack-Off Assemblies
  • Metal-End-Caps
  • Metal-to-Metal Seals
  • Seal Carriers

Four decades of experience providing solutions for the most difficult Oil & Gas, LNG, Fluid Handling, Aerospace, Power Generation, Refining & Petrochemical, and Industrial Processing challenges brings to market leading-edge engineering and design expertise combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing and precision metal machining processes.