Technologically advanced replacement for traditional seals

Our S-Seal is a technologically advanced replacement for traditional three-piece T-Seals or O-Rings with back-ups. A metal garter spring is incorporated into a uniquely designed elastomeric seal element. This enables it to withstand large extrusion gaps (up to .125”).

The S-Seals are custom designed to take into consideration temperature, media, and environment. The seals have been proven effective in pressures up to 15,000 psi and in temperatures up to 500ºF without the gland over-fill.

The one-piece S-Seal eliminates installation problems that can occur when using multiple component seals. It can be stretched into place without splitting or compromising the non-extrusion elements of the seal. S-Seals can be manufactured to accommodate practically any gland dimensions including large diameters or cross-sections.