Large diameter seals for extreme service conditions

In addition to our extensive offering of spring-energized seals, bonded seals, and composite seals, CDI is a manufacturer of high-performance, large diameter, polymeric sealing solutions. CDI has successfully designed, developed, and delivered high-performance polymer sealing solutions for a variety of large diameter rotary swivel stacks, marine industry applications, turret mooring buoy swivel systems, and fluid transfer couplings, among others, that handle a variety of chemicals, condensates, fuels, water, emulsions, hydraulic fluids, and gases, with diameters up to 100”.

Manufacturing Large Diameter Seals

CDI can custom design, develop, and manufacture high-quality, fully molded, large diameter seals, O-rings, V-Rings, U-Type Seals, Valve Seats, Excluders, Piston Rings, and custom parts for use in compressors, valves, oil and gas equipment, high-pressure vessels, and semiconductor production equipment. We have the capability to compression mold billets from Virgin or blended polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) compounds we can machine basic rings, wear bands, and energized seals, and the capability to melt mold billets we can machine for parts.

Optimum Material Selection

The high-performance polymer materials selected for our large diameter seals are ideal for extreme environmental and service conditions. Our material scientists create solutions using in-house proprietary compounds and develop specialized customer blends to achieve performance objectives including:

  • NORSOK M-710 approved
  • ISO 23936-2 approved
  • API 6A Annex F Tested
  • Designed for HPHT environments
  • Fit for high differential pressures
  • Sour service (H2S) tolerant
  • Resistant to chemically aggressive environments
  • RGD and ED resistant
  • Lubricated and dry wear-resistant (dynamic seals)

Performance Matters

Large diameter seals must handle some of the most challenging conditions and quality, safety, and standards cannot be compromised. With optimum material selection and quality manufacturing, we can deliver large diameter seals that go the distance.  We often highlight our OptiSeals® as an example of top-tier performance.  Our long-life PTFE OptiSeals® for FPSO fluid swivels (including gas lift, water injection, and production swivels), have performed over 20+ years in continuous rotating service applications. Some of our recent large diameter seal projects include compressor cylinders used for Gas Transmission, Hydrogen for low pressures and high volumes, and dry gas transmission for Petrochemical (Refinery) applications.