The most comprehensive portfolio of NORSOK approved compounds in the industry

The broad range of materials selected for NORSOK qualification are suitable for an array of critical services and applications found. CDI has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of ISO / NORSOK qualified materials for chemical resistant PTFE plastics and elastomers, engineered to withstand rapid gas decompression (RGD) and explosive decompression (ED) in the oil and gas industry. This enables our customers to select the appropriate material compounds to suit their needs.


The NORSOK standards were established by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure cost-effective, service appropriate material selection capable of meeting or surpassing stringent international safety and performance metrics. Within these globally recognized guidelines, the NORSOK M-710 standard was developed to provide requirements for polymeric seals, seats, and back-up material.


A material’s physical properties – resistance to RGD/ED, performance life, and media resistance – are tested to the M-710 standards, resulting in empirically demonstrated performance capabilities. These are a few of the critical evaluation factors and performance parameters considered in material selection, ensuring service appropriate compatibility and the ability of materials to meet operating requirements. The approval of additional elastomers and thermoplastic compounds provides CDI customers a wider range of internationally approved materials, offering you components designed with highest level of design expertise and material science.

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