A legacy in the making

Owing to our legacy in material development and engineering design, we have introduced several specialty products to the market. These product brands are recognized in the market for their quality and performance. Each brand has established itself as a leader in its market space and is backed up by a long history of material and design innovation. As new materials are developed, our material scientists work with our engineering group to maximize the performance of current and future product designs.  In addition, our sales and marketing teams interact with customers and market experts to determine areas of current product improvement or areas where leading-edge technological advances may enable companies to perform at a significantly higher level.

CDI started in business as a leading manufacturer of non-metallic sealing components in the upstream oil and gas business. However, as our capabilities expanded and the industry demanded a greater commitment to technological advancement, we expanded into other markets requiring the same level of commitment. Today, we work with customers in the midstream, downstream, automotive, aerospace, compression, medical, and semiconductor industries.  Our legacy may be downhole, but our future is so much more.