Custom composite materials to solve unique challenges

Strategic integration of metal components with plastics and elastomers solves challenges that no single material can accomplish. In severe applications, these elastomeric or plastic components require properties that cannot be obtained from a homogeneous materials. Therefore, CDI material portfolio includes various blended, laminated, wound, or infused composites to address these challenges. Not only do we manufacture composite products, but we also develop our own unique composite materials.

To develop our composites, we harness field experience and applied engineering insights to drive our material development. With our products, we strive to increase equipment efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance, and downtime which results in a significant return on investment (ROI) for the end-user.

We have robust internal expertise on pumps, valves, compressors, industrial, and downhole applications.

Engineered Composites

Engineered composites are designed and manufactured to meet specific applications or performance criteria such as strength/weight ratio, durability, wear resistance, impact on mating surfaces, or resistance to certain environmental conditions. Our composite development process is fueled by extensive field experience and engineering insights applied at every stage. By understanding the needs of various industrial applications and utilizing the vast potential of composite materials, we strive to build products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

The Benefits and ROI of Using Engineered Composites

Our engineered composite products are designed with specific goals, each contributing to enhanced operational efficiency. By employing these custom materials, businesses can witness a significant increase in equipment efficiency, a substantial reduction in energy consumption, and a decrease in maintenance and downtime. This translates into a substantial return on investment (ROI) for the end-user, ensuring our innovative products offer tangible financial benefits.

Advanced Composites

Advanced composites refer to high-performance composite materials with superior properties to traditional materials or composites. They meld high-modulus fibers like carbon, glass, or aramid or particles; of various geometries such as carbon, graphite, and bronze with advanced elastomers and engineered plastics, resulting in a blend of strength, durability, and lightweight characteristics. With their wide-ranging benefits, advanced composites are highly sought after in demanding sectors such as aerospace, oil and gas, and automotive.

Our advanced materials portfolio includes:

  • Patented Sintermesh®: Our proprietary Sintermesh® technology is meticulously designed to offer exceptional anti-extrusion and performance.
  • Carbon-fiber composites: Our high-strength, lightweight carbon-fiber composites are designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions and deliver unrivaled performance.
  • Nano-composites: Our nano-composites are engineered at the molecular level to exhibit superior physical properties, providing groundbreaking solutions to demanding applications.
  • Continuous-Fiber composites: Continuous carbon fiber in PEEK in our dures® material portfolio provides highest strength/weight ratio along with extreme dimensional stability over a large temperature range.

Experts in Material Bonding

To ensure seamless integration and superior performance of these materials, we've mastered various bonding processes:

  • Plastic-to-metal: Our sophisticated techniques bond plastic and metal components, creating a composite that leverages the metal's strength and the plastic's versatility.
  • Rubber-to-plastic: Our rubber-to-plastic bonding process produces materials that combine rubber's flexibility with plastic's lightweight properties.
  • Rubber-to-metal: We create resilient materials by bonding rubber to metal, offering the durability of metal with the elasticity of rubber.
  • Rubber-to-rubber: Our unique rubber-to-rubber bonding process generates composites that capitalize on the properties of different types of rubber, resulting in materials with enhanced performance characteristics.

Our dedication to innovation, in-depth industry knowledge, and advanced engineering skills empower us to create engineered and advanced composite materials that offer unparalleled benefits. We're not just solving today's challenges but pushing the boundaries of what's possible, making significant strides toward the future of material science and engineering. Contact us today to discuss your specific industry application and needs.