Developed to fit inconsistent diameters with a quality seal

Our FS-Seal is a replacement for S-Seals in applications with large extrusion gaps or where equipment diameters may be inconsistent. The FS-Seal incorporates metal garter springs with a uniquely designed elastomeric seal element. This design is capable of sealing areas where a high degree of seal deflection is necessary to compensate for variations in piping, casing, or large diameter parts.

The seal is especially suited for applications with large extrusion gaps relative to diameters. FS-Seals are precision molded and employ anti-extrusion springs to produce an ID-type seal effective in pressures to 10,000 psi and in a wide range of temperatures.

Like the S-Seal, this is a one-piece construction which eliminates installation problems often occurring when using multiple component seals.