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Materials are the foundation of a great product. Whether it’s an o-ring, bearing, spring energized seal, piston cup, well service packing, or countless other high-performance polymer components, getting the foundation right is critical to transforming raw materials into can’t-fail products for critical environments.

But access to an extensive portfolio of materials is just the start.

When you work with CDI, you get a partner with the expertise and scientific understanding to develop innovative solutions and design custom blends tailored to your unique application.

At CDI, we don’t just offer more than 750 types of materials. We understand how they work, how they perform in different conditions, and how they can be formulated to solve your toughest industrial challenges.

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Continuity Across the Entire Process

With a broad scope of more than 750 materials — and the expertise to understand how these materials can perform and work together — we can help you meet evolving, and even groundbreaking, challenges by developing custom material formulations for your precise needs.

Whether the application is energy, LNG, medical, aerospace, semiconductor, power generation, industrial processing, or beyond, partnering with CDI starts with material expertise and the ability to design custom solutions to match just about any challenge. But it doesn’t end there.

Our customers benefit from an integrated team of experts focused on innovation, quality control, and efficiency across the entire manufacturing process.

In-House Polymer Material Design and Testing Laboratory

CDI’s in-house laboratory facilities — located on the same campus as our manufacturing facility — validate quality from the start by confirming the specifications of all polymer materials, saving you time and money. For applications where the smallest variance can produce unacceptable results, get peace of mind knowing that critical performance such as feasibility and wear, chemical compatibility, and temperature and pressure conditions are tested and understood.

With our high-performance elastomers, PTFE, and thermoplastics, you can benefit from:

  • A broad range of chemical resistance
  • Components designed to withstand a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions
  • Components suitable for milling, molding, and machining
  • Components designed for improved strength-to-weight ratio and enhanced durability
  • Consolidation of elastomer grades and stock
  • Robust offering of fillers and reinforcements
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