With over 40 years of experience, CDI is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing, and processing of high-quality, high-performance polymer products and components for the Oil & Gas, LNG, Fluid Handling, Aerospace, Power Generation, Refining & Petrochemical, Industrial Processing industries, and beyond. We are highly experienced in a broad scope of advanced materials – from elastomers to advanced fluoropolymers and thermoplastics. With strategic locations around the globe, we provide critical solutions, on time and to your specification, anywhere in the world.

We are partners

Striving to be responsive, innovative, approachable, and dependable partners providing high-performance components on-time and to specification.

We are collaborators

Seeking a full understanding of your needs and drawing on a diverse team of specialists to provide value from concept to delivery.

We are innovators

Building on advanced materials science to design, engineer, and manufacture state-of-the-art components.

We are facilitators

Partnering with our customers to solve the most difficult challenges and reliably bring advanced products to market.

We are problem solvers

Ensuring that in addition to everything else, real solutions arrive on-time and to specification.

We are CDI Products—your custom-engineering specialists

We are preferred suppliers to a large number of major OEMs, each of which has special needs in dealing with elevated temperatures, chemical and media resistance, extreme pressure, wear, and lubricity. With this fully integrated range of capabilities, CDI is the smart choice for all your high-performance plastic and elastomeric manufacturing needs.

Over the years, CDI Products has experienced some significant growth, developed some revolutionary patented technology in both materials and design, and has proudly supported our customers across the globe. Throughout our history, we have focused on delivering quality without compromising safety.

Take a look at our CDI Capabilities Overview



  1. 1974

    Cott Dowall, Inc. founded as a distributor of O-rings, polyseals, and braided packing in a 1750 sq. ft. office and warehouse in Houston, Texas.


    Awarded first patent for non-adjustable rod packing.


    Developed our own plastics processing operation.

  2. 1982

    Engineering added as a key customer service.


    Multiseals is founded


    CDI Aflas® compounds approved for North Sea applications.

  3. 1999

    Developed patented SigmaSeal® system for control valves.


    Wellington Holdings purchased by Fenner becomes a part of Fenner Advanced Sealing Technologies. 
    The portfolio of performance thermoplastics earned Norsok M710 approval.


    EGC Critical Components is purchased by Fenner and becomes a part of Fenner Advanced Sealing Technologies. A new facility is constructed housing both EGC and CDI under one roof. 

  4. 2007

    CDI Seals built new facility near Houston, Texas.


    Production of high-performance PEEK connectors begun.


    Manufacturing added new robotics.

  5. 2011

    Longtime Southeast Asia distributor, Multiseals, was acquired, furthering a global footprint.


    AIP Precision Machining was acquired.


    Michelin Completes the Acquisition of Fenner PLC

  6. 2020

    CDI Energy Products and EGC Critical Components officially merge as one entity under the CDI Brand.


    CDI announced the formation of a new joint venture company between CDI and international partners Earth Reservoir for Oil and Gas Ltd. (EROG) and Sadeem Investment. The joint venture will operate with a mission to deliver critical service high-performance polymer components for the Middle East.


HSSE and Quality


For us, health, safety, and the environment are of the utmost importance. We care about our people, customers, and corporate responsibility. With our ISO 45001 certification, we can recruit and retain the best leaders, engineers, technicians, and quality and HSSE experts to support our global manufacturing business. Our ISO 14001 management system helps us continuously improve on all elements of HSSE while ensuring regulatory compliance.  Our first priority is to ensure our employees go home in the same condition they came to work.

Ensuring Quality of Product

From prototype to production, from concept to completion, we address quality at every step in the process. Our investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, from robotics to clean rooms, ensures the highest level of precision. Our commitment to quality does not stop at production.

CDI excels at developing solutions and delivering results within agreed lead times. To meet client schedules without interruption, we track performance from material selection to the delivery of the final product. We focus on meeting our customers’ needs and specifications.

Customer requirements are met through detailed contract review, well defined and repeatable processes, and statistically based inspection plans in accordance with API Specification Q1 Ninth Edition. API Q1 certification gives CDI an additional competitive advantage within the Oil and Gas market for licensing to API product specifications.

You can learn about all our certifications in our Resource Library.




Our global operations ensure that you receive the support you need when you need it. Leading operators and service companies have come to rely on us as responsive, innovative partners in producing components built to make their applications work with optimal performance. With manufacturing expertise in key oil and gas markets, we ensure that products arrive on time and to specification.


Since 1981, CDI has been providing customers with high-quality, precision-machined components in our current U.S. location. Our Houston manufacturing facility houses over 220,000 sq. ft. of equipment along with technical and engineering staff. This unique integration of skills enables our team to provide customers with solutions that are specifically designed for each application.


Since 1987, our manufacturing and business in Singapore, CDI has provided customers with a comprehensive range of sealing solutions and services. As part of the global organization, with its manufacturing and production facility, our Singapore team specifically serves the Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern markets.


In December 2021, CDI announced the formation of a new joint venture company between CDI and international partners Earth Reservoir for Oil and Gas Ltd. (EROG) and Sadeem Investment. The joint venture will operate with a mission to deliver critical service high-performance polymer components for the Middle East. CDI will soon announce a location for a cutting-edge manufacturing facility. The new state-of-the-art high-performance polymer products manufacturing facility will strengthen CDI’s capabilities in the Middle East and will support the transition within the global energy market.