Custom blends delivering outside-the-box solutions

With our extensive expertise in material development, we have created a library of custom blends. These unique materials provide distinctive characteristics to meet specific requirements for the products we manufacture. Many times, a component needs something and there is not an off-the-shelf product to solve the problem. When that time arises, we can offer a solution you can trust. We are constantly innovating and expanding our portfolio of custom blend solutions.


dures® Material Product Line

Advanced Polymer Composites for Pump Applications

Our dures® brand of proprietary thermoplastic polymer composite materials has proven successful in improved pump reliability, increased efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, increased mean time between failures, and reduced equipment downtime.

dures® materials were developed specifically for use as bushings, bearings, shaft sleeves, and wear rings in pumps handling a wide range of liquids including those that contain solid particulate often abrasive matter. The unique properties of dures® materials enable component designs with tighter clearances – improving reliability, enhancing efficiency, and savings in life cycle costs. Additionally, the proprietary formulation of our dures® products substantially reduces contact damage and surface galling during touch-off events in the pump system.

With 1000's of successful applications, major OEMs are experiencing long-term benefits from the dures® advantage:

  • Outstanding performance
  • Durable wear characteristics
  • Excellent abrasive resistance
  • Dry run capability
  • Superior vibration dampening with negligible hydrolysis or part deformation
  • Excellent dimensional stability

CDI-supplied pump components can improve reliability, efficiency, and pump performance.  CDI-supplied pump components can improve reliability, efficiency, and pump performance. 

Contact us to learn more about:

  • dures® 150
  • dures® 200*
  • dures® 250
  • dures® A451*
  • dures® XPC-2*

* Multiple material formulations within the dures® family are approved for API 610 centrifugal pumps. 



Porous PTFE for ventilation and breathable air systems

Permeon® is a unique polymeric material which is naturally hydrophobic, allowing gases to pass through but blocking the passage of polar liquids. It can be rigid or flexible, installed in any position, and encapsulated. Permeon® has a uniform and controlled porosity and is capable of operating over a wide range of temperatures.



PTFE impregnated wire mesh for superior anti-extrusion

Patented Sintermesh® material was specifically designed for oilfield applications where downhole packers are deployed to seal an annular space between pipes and liners with often large extrusion gaps. This concept, however, can be used in a variety of industries where large anti-extrusion devices are needed. It is an anti-extrusion ring made by compressing wire mesh into the desired density. This wire mesh can be impregnated with a variety of compounds depending on the requirements of the application to further prevent the migration of seal material through the porosity of the mesh at very high pressures. Sintermesh rings can be made of separate components in a packer assembly, or they can be molded into elastomeric components to create unitized anti-extrusion packers.

Service applications include:

  •  -300°F to +650°F
  • High-pressure
  • Large extrusion gaps