February 25, 2021

CDI Energy Products and Corken Announce Multi-Year Polymer Supply Partnership

CDI Energy Products, a global leader in high-performance polymer products, today announced a long-term polymer supply partnership with Corken, Inc., a unit of IDEX Corporation. With this new multi-year global agreement, CDI will deliver custom-engineered polymer wear components to support Corken’s work in industrial compression and pumping solutions for the process, energy, and transport industries.

“We are pleased to continue our collaboration and partnership with Corken with this new agreement,” David Miseldine, Director of Compression Products at CDI said. “CDI’s full portfolio of polymers, fluoroelastomers, and thermoplastics offers proven material formulations and products to enhance Corken’s high-performance equipment efficiency, sustainable operations, and competitive capabilities.”

The joint solutions resulting from this partnership will deliver the material science, laboratory testing, custom engineering, and design to meet performance levels necessary to succeed in these highly competitive, rapidly changing markets. The result will be enhanced productivity and quality for Corken’s customers through modern, data-driven manufacturing and production.

Corken uses CDI’s non-metallic wear components to improve reliability and efficiency for pumping and compressor equipment and operations. Enhanced data analytics and collaboration are expected to drive supply chain efficiency. This agreement solidifies a long partnership history between the companies with an exciting project scope for the future.

About Corken

Founded in 1924, Corken’s exceptional reputation is built upon nearly 100 years of maintaining the highest quality products and customer service. This combined with a strong commitment to technological innovation has positioned Corken as a global leader in compression and pumping solutions. As a leading manufacturer of industrial compressors, pumps, bypass valves, and accessories, Corken specializes in custom compressor and pump skids designed for liquefied gas transfer, liquid transfer, air boosting, and vapor recovery applications for the process gas, energy, and transport industries.  Corken, Inc. is a unit of IDEX Corporation.  Explore more about Corken at www.Corken.com.