December 1, 2020

CDI Singapore Manufacturing Receives API Q1 Certification

December 2, 2020 (Houston, Texas) – CDI Energy Products, a global leader in high-performance polymer products, announced today that after a lengthy multistage audit, its Singapore manufacturing facility has successfully received API Q1 Certification. CDI’s Singapore location is respected in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and China markets for its superior turnkey services for standard and customized polymer products. A top-rated Quality Management System is a key component in CDI’s global deliverability.

“Continually improving ourselves is part of our culture and API Q1 is the next step in our journey,” says Richard Stone, General Manager. “We are driven to meet and exceed the demands of our customers, and to maintain safety and quality in every stage of the production process. API Q1 advances our Operational Excellence goals and reaffirms that we are on the right path for our customers, our global community, and our environment.”

CDI Singapore received API Q1 Certification

API Spec Q1 titled “Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry” is a company-level certification based on the standards developed and published by the American Petroleum Institute (API). This certification is intended for companies who manufacture equipment or components of equipment used in oil and natural gas production.

Certifications are issued exclusively by API. Companies must submit their quality manual for approval and host an on-site audit conducted by an API official. Companies must have a quality system in place meeting the risk-mitigation requirements outlined in the industry standards. Annual audits are conducted to ensure consistent adherence to industry standards.

In July 2020, CDI’s Houston manufacturing facility successfully completed the API Spec Q1 Recertification process. With the Singapore location achieving the API Q1 Certification, the facility’s recognition for high-level processes and operations reflects its reliable in-region manufacturing, trusted customer partnership, and enhanced deliverability. Across its global footprint, CDI is committed to operational safety and quality for every stage in the prototype-to-production process.

“We are constantly researching and developing new methods, materials, and components to support the ever-evolving needs of the robust energy markets. We are expanding our midstream and downstream business specifically in the Asia Pacific region with a focus on high-performance components and custom polymer materials to meet our customers’ critical applications. API Q1 reinforces that our level of quality is something on which customers can rely,” says Stone.

By early 2021, CDI’s Singapore location will add new manufacturing equipment to enhance its milling capabilities. Furthering its dedication to continuous improvement, new equipment, IoT initiatives, and other smart manufacturing enhancements will enhance CDI’s manufacturing capabilities and global customer deliverability.