December 7, 2021

CDI, EROG and Sadeem Investment Announce the Creation of a JV that will Enable CDI to Expand its Global Footprint with Polymer Products Manufacturing Facility in the Middle East

CDI Energy Products, Inc. (CDI) announced the formation of a new joint venture company between CDI and international partners Earth Reservoir for Oil and Gas Ltd. (EROG) and Sadeem Investment. The joint venture will operate with a mission to deliver critical service high-performance polymer components for the Middle East. CDI will soon announce a location for the construction of a cutting-edge 4,400 square meter manufacturing facility.

The new state-of-the-art high-performance polymer products manufacturing facility will strengthen CDI’s capabilities in the Middle East and will support transition within the global energy market. The facility will produce manufactured polymer products made from elastomers, thermoplastics, and composites. Local manufacturing capabilities will include compression molding, advanced machining and turning, overmolding and bonding, enhanced by custom design, applications engineering, and material laboratories. CDI will also support customers with on-site material testing and certification capabilities to assure compliance to critical material specifications. Employing about 100 personnel once fully operational, the facility will supply enhanced distribution for its multi-market customers while reflecting CDI’s high production and safety standards which have been honed over more than four decades.

“The Saudi Arabia expansion is part of our ongoing commitment to support sustained market strength and global customer demand,” says Richard Stone, General Manager CDI Singapore. Stone oversees CDI’s Asia Pacific and Middle East initiatives and is leading the development project as the company looks to hire local talent for leadership and administrative roles. “Our Phase One strategy is to support the upstream, midstream and downstream energy market with a focus on natural gas and products for rotating, pressure containing, and controlling equipment such as high pressure and temperature seals, valve stems, packing products, wear rings, bushings, and spring energized seals.” Subsequent phases will be focused on enabling global growth in renewable energies and energy generation and distribution, and water treatment, along with future growth targets in aerospace and other industrial applications.

CDI’s new facility will be in Saudi Arabia’s city of Dammam, the epicenter for many new technological developments, infrastructure enhancements, and sustainability initiatives for the middle east region. “We are excited to see the innovative projects taking shape in connection to Saudi’s Vision 2030. We recognize the achievements made in this multi-year mission and strive to be an active part in driving economic opportunity, healthier employment opportunities, and long-term prosperity for all,” says Mohammed Abduldayem, EROG’s CEO.

CDI has been a long-time champion of sustainability with its existing manufacturing facilities powered by 100% renewable energy, with a goal of reducing its total environmental impact by 30% by 2030. The Saudi location will adhere to CDI’s high standards for safety and sustainability, with a drive to minimize CO2 emissions, abate water, and energy consumption, increase recycling and reuse, and reduce plastic waste.

“The opening of our new facility in the middle east region represents a significant investment for CDI and demonstrates our commitment to regional manufacturing. As a global manufacturer, having local facilities enables us to better serve each of our customers with expertise knowledgeable on the critical demands of the region,” says Ravila Moodley, Division Finance Director of Advanced Sealing Technologies, Divisional Leadership for CDI. “We are excited to work with the world-class workforce in the Saudi Arabian region and to support local communities with workforce development, training, and much more.”

Increased production capacity will also see CDI deliver market-leading solutions with reduced lead times, reinforcing its reputation as a reliable partner for customers’ projects across the energy market and beyond. In addition to employing men and women of the local region, CDI will utilize smart manufacturing technologies and automation to provide for enhanced efficiency and production capacity.

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About Earth Reservoir for Oil and Gas Ltd. (EROG)
Earth Reservoir for Oil and Gas Ltd. (EROG) is a Saudi Arabian company specialized in the supply and services of the energy industry. For the past 8 years, EROG has been a successful partner of many international oil and gas companies that were introduced to the Saudi market. EROG continues to thrive and seek further business opportunities, technological advancement, and know-how transfer to the Market of Saudi Arabia in line with Saudi Vision 2030. For more information on EROG, please visit

About Sadeem Investment
Sadeem Investment is a privately owned industrial investment company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It focuses on investments that drive technology localization in Saudi Arabia and has a demonstrable track record of growth and investment returns across a range of energy sectors in the kingdom. Under the leadership of local energy market experts, the company has built a diversified investment portfolio with international partners seeking to expand their markets through establishing an industrial footprint in Saudi Arabia and is poised to transfer its expertise in the region. For more information on Sadeem, please visit

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