January 24, 2022

CDI Launches New WSP Extreme® Series in its Tuff Breed® Well Service Packing Line

CDI Energy Products, Inc. announces the launch of a new product line in its Tuff Breed® product family of Well Service Packing (also known as WSP) used to seal reciprocating pumps in the downhole pressure pumping market. The new WSP Extreme® Series features the next generation of packing utilizing fiber-reinforced elastomers to provide best-in-class packing life, as well as superior safety and environmental performance. The WSP Extreme Series includes four different pressure ring options: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum - to provide the end-user with the optimal product for their production application.Tuff Breed WSP Extreme Series

“Based on feedback and input from our customers, we endeavored to create a new WSP line to meet the increasing challenges in the downhole pressure pumping market. When combined with our SandDog® header ring, the WSP Extreme Series substantially extends the life of the packing set and causes much less wear and tear on the pump’s mating components, meaning the fluid-end packing bores and plungers,” said CDI’s Well Service Product Manager, Paul Helton. As part of the product development process, CDI worked with several industry-leading companies to evaluate and to in-situ test the new pressure ring line-up. Positive results from the field reinforce the value the new WSP Extreme Series delivers. Helton went on to say, “our field-test customers are already realizing a sizeable ROI with improved uptime and substantial reductions in their maintenance costs.”

An example of that sizeable ROI can be seen in recent field testing with a leading well service operator in the Haynesville Shale Basin in northern Louisiana. CDI’s Tuff Breed packing assembly (including the SandDog header ring and the WSP Extreme Gold pressure rings) outlasted the incumbent’s premium packing by 35%* in a very challenging application with a heavily loaded proppant slurry, while handling pressures over 15,000 psi. A comprehensive case study is available on the Haynesville Shale Basin project. Like this project, Tuff Breed has a long history of reliability and success with its customers, delivering similar double-digit percent improvements for its complete product line. Tuff Breed products are trusted in a broad range of downhole pressure pumping, cementing, and acidizing applications for well completion and stimulation.

Advanced material formulation and custom engineering are the driving factors in Tuff Breed’s reliability and trust in the industry. From its legacy packing products to custom frac valves to the industry-leading SandDog header ring, all the products in the Tuff Breed line are engineered to meet OEM specifications and formulated with the best-in-class materials needed for the application. The new WSP Extreme Series continues this high standard and is engineered with polymer materials specifically selected for the diverse pump packing applications and environmental conditions. CDI’s application engineers and material scientists drove the extensive research and development process for the new line. Dr. Mehdi Hashemian, CDI’s Director of Engineering explained that the team “utilized extensive experience with our legacy Tuff Breed products and then went deeper into the polymer chemistry, tribology, and geometry to create a family of products with the optimal physical properties and component design.”
All new product development starts by looking at customer pain points and considering evolving industry needs. This is true for all the brands under the CDI umbrella. The CDI team works very closely with its customers to develop solutions for existing technical challenges requiring high-tech polymer solutions, as well as impending needs stemming from new technology or market advances.

Brian Bertelsen, CDI’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing shared some insights on the continuous improvement and innovation efforts within the company. “Our global team of experts look at challenges with excitement and see the opportunity to do something better. By looking at new ways to solve problems, we leverage our material science and engineering know-how across all our market sectors. With the economic recovery underway in 2021 in the natural gas and oil markets and in the general economy, CDI is well-positioned to support the increasing demand for top-end, value-adding components in the well service market and within the many other industries CDI supports with our high-performance polymer products.”

For more information on the new WSP Extreme Series and CDI’s line of Tuff Breed products, visit our Tuff Breed page.

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