November 16, 2020

CDI’s Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK Material Selected for New Valve Design

November 16, 2020 (Humble, Texas) CDI Energy Products, a global leader in high-performance polymer wear components, just announced the launch of its latest case study on custom-engineered PEEK valve seats. The case study, entitled “CDI’s Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK Material Selected for New Valve Design” offers readers an insider’s view of an ambitious project where a leading manufacturer of high-performance valves sought to partner with CDI to redesign one of their highest volume products, with a target goal of completion and commercialization within one year.

“Partner projects harness the full expertise of our material scientists and production engineers. By working together with our OEM partners, we custom designed wear components to meet exact specifications and equipment performance requirements. For these valve seats, the goal was to find the perfect balance of tensile strength, thermal stability, elongation, wear, coefficient of friction, and moldability”, says Brian Bertelsen, Vice President Sales and Marketing.

carbon fiber peek material valve design

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