Our header ring is the best defense

The header ring has been recognized as the key component in any well service packing product acting as the first line of defense against high pressures and significant proppant loads. The header ring is manufactured and designed to exclude proppant from reaching the pressure rings, and eventually the atmosphere.

Typical header rings on the market allow proppant to nibble away at the interface of the header ring and plunger. CDI has developed a revolutionary new design that forms an exclusion barrier once the SandDog® header ring is installed, which drastically reduces the ability of the proppant to cause premature packing failure. The SandDog® header ring is engineered with CDI's field-proven proprietary abrasion resistant self-lubricated elastomer to further extend the life of the seal.


  • Increases uptime and productivity due to longer performance life
  • Proprietary elastomer reduces wear and tear on packing bore resulting in significantly longer life of fluid ends
  • Reduces TCO due to extended life performance
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs and increases uptime results in increased profitability


  • ID design forms an exclusion barrier once installed, eliminating proppant migration into the packing set
  • The OD has a lip molded in that will trap any sand not cleaned out of the bore prior to installation
  • Proprietary abrasion-resistant self-lubricated elastomer stands up to extreme temperatures and environments
  • Designed to fit both new and worn packing bores

SandDog header ring transparent