Keeping oil and gas production flowing

Today’s oil and gas producers are challenged to meet the growing demand for energy in more difficult locations and conditions. They are also tasked with producing efficiently and economically. The equipment used to bring hydrocarbons to the surface, and their sealing elements, must also evolve and be engineered to withstand ever higher and lower pressures, higher and lower temperatures, rapid gas decompression (RGD), and aggressive chemicals. Much of the same equipment is used in both onshore and offshore production. However, repairing failed tooling below the surface of a deep-water well in the middle of the North Sea is a much more costly proposition than on land.

Engineered Components That Mitigate Risk and Ensure Health And Safety

Lives are on the line and the potential risks are considerable. Onshore or offshore, equipment failure can lead to issues of both human and environmental safety, as well as lost revenue due to shut-downs. Sealing elements in oil and gas production wellheads, manifolds, pumps, valves, and other critical production equipment are essential to effective, uninterrupted production.

Prevent Downtime with Proven And Tested Products

Our experienced materials and application engineers work closely with oil and gas producers and service companies to develop custom HPHT, RGD and ED resistant seals, and other components that have been tested to perform reliably and prevent downtime. With facilities worldwide and prototyping to manufacturing capabilities, CDI is positioned to meet delivery requirements wherever you are operating in order to keep your production flowing.

Engineered Solutions for Oil And Gas Production Applications

To protect their assets, operators require advanced tools, and that includes their internal components. With development costs rising, reducing downtime is critical, and replacing parts becomes an expensive and potentially catastrophic situation. We provide products that optimize tool performance and ensure longer operating life. Our reliable, high-quality products provide solutions for a variety of systems including:

  • Production Equipment
  • Wellhead
  • Christmas tree
  • Blowout Preventers (BOP)
  • Subsea
  • Artificial lift systems
  • Hydraulic fracturing