What can cause seals and sealing elements to fail?

Although surface and topside equipment may be easier to access for repairs and maintenance than equipment that is on the seafloor, the ultimate goal for all equipment is to:

  • minimize performance problems
  • increase throughput
  • reduce component wear

Evaluating Environmental Conditions for Optimal Performance

It is critical to consider all the factors at play in onshore surface and offshore topside drilling and production applications. The location of the rig, exposure to the elements, and the operating conditions of the application itself all influence both material selection and design criteria.  When evaluating the parameters of such broad conditions, our technical specialists work with you hand-in-hand to address a range of questions, such as:

  • Is my application or equipment subject to cyclonic or hurricane strength winds?
  • Is my application or equipment subject to storm waves?
  • Will it be exposed to sand storms or abrasive environmental scenarios?
  • Are there external temperature extremes, high, low, or both?
  • Will this equipment see extreme, heavy service?

Proper Design Is Critical to Keep Well Flowing

We partner with our customers to develop seals, bearings, and other critical components that keep equipment working and product flowing. With our engineering and processing expertise, wide portfolio of materials, and the fastest turnaround in the industry, producers and service companies alike rely on us to develop seals and sealing elements that make their equipment perform beyond expectations – regardless of operating conditions – surface or topside.

Engineered Solutions for Surface And Topside Applications

CDI seals, bearings, and components can be found throughout critical surface and topside drilling and production equipment across the globe and includes:

  • Blow out preventers (BOP
  • Compressors / separators
  • Choke valves
  • Crown
  • Drilling kellys
  • Power swivels
  • Top drive systems
  • Torque equipment
  • Iron roughneck
  • Pipe handling systems
  • Rig draw works
  • Mud pumps
  • Drilling console
  • Ball / gate valves
  • Wellhead / casing valves